monty don stonemasonry stephane rouget 1For 4 weeks i took part in the monty Don Real Craft TV programme (around Christmas time). I have been Told by Richard Holiday, my masonry teacher to go for it, or I quote “i will never speak to you again!”. So i went! It was a truly exceptional experience, the people, the site, the cathedral, the stones, everything clicked and sometime clashed!

Overall I can say that Jo, Sam and I had a blast. We learned a lot from Brad Steele, Darren and Mark from Worchester, we  sweated, scratched our heads a lot, chiseled our fair due too!

Sam is a much better writer that I am, and much funnier too, so check out his blog about our adventure there:

The end result is a bonus for me – winning –  but what i gained from it is beyond this, friendships, skills, confidence and yes hopefully further opportunities. I am still waiting to go to the Goddards House to see the water feature in full swing, where it belongs.

To this day, Jo and Sam water features are still looking for a home. They also deserved to win, but it is as it is… so if you want to own a beautiful piece of carving please contact them directly (SAM at and JO at )

Since the show, and some praises from Monty and Brad I have decided to make the leap of faith and have my own carving workshop, so there it is, waiting for me, and you, in Feock, at the King Harry Ferry landing, facing the Fal River. Even in my wildest dream, and trust me i have my share of those, i would have never thought of carving in this perfect and beautiful spot! I will develop on this later on in a workshop page.

I have also commit myself to stonemasonry, which had, for some time, implied that i would have to move away from Cornwall… It was true until i met Tim marsh, the owner of one of the last Cornish Granite Quarry. There is masonry in Cornwall, it is tough tho, but as it is in a rapid decline some have to take on the challenge, the responsability to carry this profession forward, maintaining the tradition alive. I m truly hoping that i will walk this talk… It is early days and i have a lot to learn form Him, Ernie and David at the quarry.

But NOW, it is back to carving and getting ready fro the OPEN STUDIOS in Cornwall, where i will show my latest pieces in Lamorna with Baz Mehew .


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