Goddard House Water feature


The grand, country house, built by Edwin Lutyens in the 1900s was featured in the 3rd episode of the series where amateur stonemasons Stephane, Sam and Jo compete to create a water feature to be judged by our director Anna Keay and ultimately purchased by The Landmark Trust.


Anna said "The enthusiasm of the three participants was clear from the start, but I really wasn't sure about their ability - and keeping up with Lutyens is no easy task. But the end results were actually very good and I think the winner, Stephane, could have a wonderful career ahead of him."


I wanted to carve a piece that would carry so many things together (and i wandered sometimes if it was not too much!) , here is the list below taken from a list of 30 things to fit in!!! I wanted to include:

- the playfulness and quirkiness of Lutyens ( I think he would have loved the fact that it is water coming out of a chimney! :-) ),

- Instead of celebrating the death of the Frederick Mirrielees, who commissioned the house, i decided to celebrate the reason why the house was built in the first place (having fun and relaxing), therefore celebrating his legacy,

- the Art and Craft Philosophy (respect of material, skills, against the industrial world, which i have translated into making an interactive game instead of plying with ipads etc those days),

- the landscape around by bringing the reflexion of the sky and trees around into the water feature, so some water had to stay in the checker board,

- the house design as it had to reflect its specific surrey style, so using the chimney as my base,

- the garden design by Gertrude Jekyll, and features, by using the mill wheel as a key design for my drafts and the checker board for its geometry

So not an easy task, but the checker board ideal seemed to enbrace them all! So I went for it!